Bankura Banga Vidyalaya ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (BBVAA)

The history of Bankura Banga Vidyalaya dates back to the nineteenth century. It was first established as Hindoo College in 1816 and later rechristened Bankura Banga Vidyalaya  in 1825. However, the Alumni Association of the School did not come into existence at that time. An attempt of sorts was made on February 23, 2010 when a re-union of past students took place in School Campus .

New Gate Inaugaration

An Appeal to you for Financial Assistance

An Appeal to you for Financial Assistance

Dear Sir,

An aged educational institution having 180years of glorious track record, situated in the heart of Bankura Town, West Bengal, India, is now panting for financial aid. A school that has been carrying the loving memory of such eminent students, like the renowned journalist Ramananda Chattopadhyay, Sri Abinash Das, Sri Jogesh Chandra Vidyanidhi and the World famous sculptor Ramkinkar Bej, and memorable for freedom movement, patriotism and various progressive movement of Bankura, is now in such a dilapidated state that almost one thousand students are wailing for the final calamity-so wretched in the condition.

We, therefore appeal to all magnanimous, lovers of education and culture, like you, to rescue this old historic school from oblivioun. An estimated seventy lakhs has to be spent for its total renovation. Your one step can be a stepping stone for its rejuvenation. We believe in your kindness.

We would like to convey the fact that, we can honour the donor by naming a block comprising some class room(approx. expenditure Rs. 5 to 10 lakhs) or a class room (expenditure Rs. 2 lakhs) in his or his company’s or his product’s name or in the loving memory of his beloved ones. Every contribution will be accepted with thanks, kindness and memorial stone.

Approx estimated expenditure for the Reconstruction of the School building-

i)      10 Class Rooms & Veranda in Ground Floor : 25 Lakhs
ii)      10 Class Rooms & Veranda in 1st Floor : 20 Lakhs
iii)      10 Class Rooms & Veranda in 2nd Floor : 20 Lakhs
iv)      Equipment for Library, Lab, Teaching aids. : 05 Lakhs
v)      Bench, Chairs & Other Furniture : 03 Lakhs
vi)      Boundary Wall : 02 Lakhs

You are requested to contribute in favour of BANKURA BANGA VIDYALAY, BANKURA, Payable at BANKURA, through A/c Payee Cheque or Demand Draft drawn from State Bank of India, Bankura Branch, SB A/c No-01100050575 or BDCC Bank, Bankura Branch.

You are further requested to convey our appeal to other benevolent individuals and organizations known to you.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

Animesh Chowdhury

Head Master

Mobile- +91-9434227285

Dilip Kr. Dutta

Secretary, Bankura Banga Vidyalay

Phone-03242- 253623

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