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  1. very nice photo, we need more traditional photo.web site is nice, told biswajit about me.

  2. It is a good school. I have visited there once. It has developed into a new one comparing with its older form.

  3. So far there is a real change due to the great leadership of our present Head Master Mr. Animesh Choudury. Hope future will be great too with the help of his associates in the school and also the cooperation of the wellwishers from hear and abroad.

  4. I am Uttam Roy(15) student of this lovely school of science stream. Thdre is a very good teaching environment & many extra curriculam activities in our school . I wish very success in future as academic excillence.

  5. Nice school.ami ai school pori na tobuo amio ai school ta ke like kori ami bamuntore high school ar student .ami 2014 te ai school a porbar asha rakhi.

  6. hi! I am sourav .ami ei school er Sc. stream er student .this school is modern & nice one .ami 2015 te ei school theke H.S. debo.

  7. It’s pleasure to see my school life again at a glance. Thanks a lot, miss those golden days. It’s not our just a school, it’s a dreamland in the heart of the traditional city – Bankura.

  8. I am also a student of this school through eight years(2004-2011).I am very glad for the changes of the school.This is the historical palace.

  9. I was not a student Bankura Banga Vidyalay.I studied in Bankura Zilla School.But during my childhood , every year I used to visit the Saraswati Puja of Banga Vidyalaya.
    It was used to be fantastic.
    One of my brother is an ex student of the school.
    At a random search I found the web site of Bankura Banga Vidyalay, and after visiting the entire web site , my comment is “A fabulous website”.
    An excellent platform you all have created to bring all your ex and present students together.

    Ratul Bandyopadhyay
    New Delhi, India

  10. It’s my school and I wants to contribute a lot for my beloved school in future…..I just make a request to the students to continue it’s glory every year through ur results…..chandranath Day…….2nd at arts stream in westbengal in 2014-2015 HS exam from BBV……thanks….

  11. Sri Avik Mitra received the school’s “Bijoy Krishna & Meera Adhvaryu Memorial Prize” for receiving the highest marks from Banga Vidyalay in the Madhyamic exam of 2016. Congratulation to Avik.

  12. Manisha Chakravarty of Taldangra Fulmati High School received the First Prize and Rani Chatterjee of Banga Vidyalay received the Second prize for the annual “Jogendra Nath & Katyayani Adhvaryu Memorial Essay” competition of 2016. Congratulations to them both.

  13. I m also a student of this school…here all teachers are such a vey helpfull, espcially our head-teacher….I m the student class xii…

  14. Bankura Banga Vidyalay is nodoubt a good institution for the overall development of a child.

  15. Sri Soham Chattopadhyay will receive the school’s “Bijoykrishna & Meera Adhvaryu memorial prize” for scoring highest marks from Banga Vidyalay in the 2018 Madhyamic Examination. Congratulation to Soham.

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